5-9-12 @ Target Field – Angels vs. Twins

This was my first game of the 2012 season. This was the final game between the Twins and Angels for the season. I arrived an hour before the gates opened. Yes, this is very early, usually I arrive a half hour later than this. This was the view of the gate:

Target field gate 34

There weren’t any balls hit to the right field plaza so I took some pictures.

When the gates opened I hurried to right field foul territory. Almost no one else was inside yet:

Within 5 minutes of standing there a ball ended up by the “X”. I got one of the players to throw me the ball. I caught it, but it fell out of my glove because the guy next to me bumped into me as I was catching it. As it was falling I used my hand to snatch it out of the air. It was pretty close.

I’m not in the picture because I moved to center field to take this picture after I got the baseball. Click the picture and look closely – there are two players in this picture. The player on the left hooked me up with the ball.

After this i moved to the left field side… this was my view:

And to my left:

Scott Downs (the player in the forefront of the picture) hooked me up with my 2nd ball of the day. (A month later I gave this ball to my little cousin).

I thanked him and then relocated here:


The dugouts were very detailed with the logos. Nicely done Twins.

Batting practice was done 15 minutes later. Coach Mickey Hatcher was walking back to the dugout with 4-5 balls in his hands. He stopped at the entrance to the dugout and then started tossing them to kids by the dugout. The second ball that he threw was thrown to me. Mickey Hatcher played baseball on the Twins in the ’80s.

Even though batting practice was done, I wasn’t. I walked over to the bleachers in left center field, and sat in an aisle seat near the bullpen. Between the 2 bullpens there were 7 baseballs from batting practice:

(You can’t see all of the balls in the picture) After what seemed like a half hour, Drew Butera walked into the Twins bullpen to pick up the balls. As soon as he was close enough to hear me, I asked him for a ball. He walked over to the ball nearest me and threw it to me. Judging from the picture, im guessing you can tell which ball i got.

After this there was still a half hour till game time. I found my dad and two of our friends that we brought to the game. My dad got a ball during batting practice. He gave it one of our friends to give to his grandson.

Here was the view from the seats during the game:

I sat with them in our seats until I spotted Ervin Santana warming up with Bobby Wilson on the left field line. I started walking to the section closest to them. The ushers had started checking tickets and wouldn’t let me down the aisle. I had to move down 2 sections and then sneak 10 rows down, then cut back across to get back to the section that I wanted to be in.

Santana had just finished warming up as I got there. Wilson had the ball in his glove. I asked for the ball, but instead he threw a batting glove to the people to the right of me. Wilson kept the ball in his glove and they headed for the bullpen to continue throwing. What did I do? I headed for the bullpen too.

Although both starting pitchers were warming up, I focused on getting the Santana’s warm up ball. Ten minutes later Santana had finished throwing. As soon as Bobby was done talking to Santana I yelled “Bobby! Up here! Can you please throw me that ball?”He looked up, saw my glove up in the air, and tossed me the ball without hesitation. This was my fifth ball of the day. I also got a ball from each teams catcher.

Soon the game started. It was off to a fast start until the 4th inning. All of a sudden it seemed like the game couldn’t get any slower. I finally got to see Pujols play… he went 2-5. Josh Willingham hit a solo homer, Ryan Doumit hit a triple. There were a few doubles, and a lot of double plays. The Twins went on to lose 6-2.

The balls in the next picture are in the order that I got them in.

  • 5 balls at this game
  • 5 balls in 1 game this season = 5 balls per game
  • 1 consecutive game with at least one ball
  • 3 consecutive Twins home games with at least one ball
  • 8 total balls
  • Gotten at least one ball from 3 different teams

My next game I am attending is on May 25th when the Twins play the Tigers.



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