5-28-12 @ Target Field – A’s vs. Twins

It was (Monday) Memorial Day so I didn’t have school. My Uncle and his family invited my family to go to their house for the day. Sunday night I bought the cheapest ticket that I could find for this game ($9 for section 303). Fort Snelling Station is 10 minutes away from my uncle’s house so my family dropped me off at the train station on their way to uncle’s house. The train arrived at the station right as I was buying my train ticket so I had to hurry to get on the train before the door closed. 20 minutes later I got off the train at the left field gate at Target field:

I got to the left field gate at 10:45 am. Because it was Memorial Day the gates opened 2 hours early so I only had to wait 15 minutes for the gates to open. When I arrived there were only 2 people at the gate. Ten minutes before the gates opened about 15 people got inline at the gate. There was barely anybody. Everyone else must not have known that the gates opened an extra half hour early, which was fine by me.

When the gates opened I hurried to the left field bleachers. There was a home run that landed in the flowers, but a guy beat me to it. Then a bomb was hit towards the bleachers. I ran to my left, across the whole section and got there just in time to make the catch on the fly. This was the first home run ball I had ever caught in BP:

I took the previous picture right after I caught the ball. I don’t know who it is but it looks like Josh Willingham. I can only hope. The picture was taken from very far away, but does anyone know who he is?

I asked the person closest to me to take a picture of me with the ball. Right as I said that, Jeff Manship fielded a ball. I immediately turned around and asked him for the ball. He threw it to me, I thanked him, and I got my picture taken with 2 baseballs.

Jeff Manship is standing in the background. He is #49.

Do you see my A’s jersey sticking out at the top of my Twins shirt?

A little boy walked over and tried to get Manship to throw him a ball. I told him to use his first name (Jeff), always say please, and make sure he can hear you. The next time Manship fielded a ball, the boy did just what I told him to do, and Manship threw him the ball.

I decided to move closer to the infield. I hurried toward 3rd base and stood next to this Toro:

So why did i want to stand here? Because a ball was overthrown and it stopped rolling on the other side of the Toro. Plus, I was pretty sure no other fans had seen it.

After about 10 minutes Jonny Gomes jogged towards me. I asked if he could throw me the ball that was by the Toro. He smiled and outright said “NOPE!” He saw that there were three little kids a few feet away from me so he ran to the ball bag and grabbed three balls. He jogged over to the kids, signed the balls, and then gave them to the kids. Then he said that he had to go take batting practice so he started to jog to the infield. As he was passing me he bent down, picked up the ball, and threw it to me. I said thank you and then I got my picture taken with my third ball of the day:

There were a bunch of balls sitting in the right field corner, so I made my way through the seats as fast as I could.  By the time i got there all of them had been picked up and thrown to the infield.

Pretty soon a couple of balls were hit to the right field corner and Jarred Parker came over to get them. I called out to him and he threw a ball to me. It was pretty obvious that he threw it to ME, but the guy next to me reached out to catch the ball and neither of us caught the ball because it fell to the ground. I wanted to yell at the guy, but I didn’t say anything. Within a minute another ball was hit to the right field corner, and once again Jarred Parker was coming to get it:

This time I yelled, “Jarrod can you please throw me that ball? Last time, THIS GUY (pointing to the man) knocked the ball out of my glove.” It turned out that Parker saw it happen so he threw me a differant ball. I also got my picture taken again:

The sun was reflecting off of the right field bleachers, so it was really hard to look this direction.

I decided to move again. I hurried to the A’s Dugout. Cliff Pennington signed the front on my ticket, and Jamile Weeks signed the back. Third base coach Mike Gallego was hitting ground balls to the infielders and then the infielders threw the balls back to him. Some of the balls rolled past Gallego to the dugout.

When he walked around to pick up the balls, he threw one of them to me:

This was what the game looked like from my seat:

I sat here for 1 inning until I found out that it was $1 hotdog day (every Monday at Target Field) so i bought 4 hotdogs. Here is one of them:

The game lasted for 3 hours. It was an exciting but very slow game. In the first inning Josh Reddick hit a solo homer to right field. In the Second inning Kila Ka’aihue also hit a solo homer to right field. In the bottom of the fifth inning Trevor Plouffe hit a solo homer to left field to make it a 2-1 game. Oakland scored a run in the sixth inning. In the bottom of the sixth Justin Morneau hit a sac fly to left and Joe Mauer scored to tie the game. In the eighth inning Kurt Suzuki singled in Jonny Gomes to take the lead 4-3. In the Bottom of the eighth Justin Morneau doubled to left, Joe Mauer scored, and Josh Willingham ran to third. Later in the inning Ryan Doumit hit a sac fly to left and Josh Willingham scored to take the lead 4-5. In the ninth inning Matt Capps got the save for Minnesota; striking out Jonny Gomes to end the game.

After the game ended I walked down to the A’s dugout. All of the players were gone now except for one. He was packing up the bats and baseballs. He peeked his head out of the dugout looking for A’s fans, he was also holding two baseballs. I asked, “Do you have an extra ball for an A’s fan?” he responded by saying, “You’re wearing the right colors!” Here I am holding my sixth ball of the day:

  • 6 balls at this game
  • 14 balls in 3 games this season = Avg. 4.66 balls per game
  • 3 consecutive games with at least 1 ball
  • 3 consecutive games with at least 2 balls
  • 3 consecutive games with at least 3 balls
  • 5 consecutive Twins home games with at least 1 ball
  • 17 total balls
  • Gotten at least 1 ball from 5 different teams

My next game will be on 6-13-12 when the Phillies play the Twins at Target Field.



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