FLASHBACK: 2010 Season (3 Games)

In spring of 2012 I started journaling about games that I’ve been to, for the purpose of remembering what happened at the games (this led to the making of this blog). The games in this particular entry occurred over two years ago so due to that fact, there will be a bit less detail/information than normal.

6-28-10 @ Target Field – Tigers vs. Twins

Before this game, I had only been to batting practice once in my life. Even then, I only was there for the second half of it. This game was the first time I attended a full batting practice. My dad and I parked at Fort Snelling and then rode the light rail to Target Field. At this point I was unaware of ballhawking and not sure how to get a baseball. Since it was our first time at Target Field, my dad and I looked around in awe at the beautiful new ballpark. We couldn’t find a fault, because everything looked so nice. Later I would learn that Target Field presents many faults for ballhawking, but that’s a different story.

As I was saying, I hadn’t heard of ballhawking before. However, I was very interested in collecting autographs and had brought a little case of baseball cards in hopes of getting a few signatures. After the Tigers’ portion of batting practice Brandon Inge, Miguel Cabrera and Johnny Damon stopped to sign autographs.

Miguel Cabrera:

Johnny Damon:

I didn’t have Brandon Inge’s baseball card so I didn’t ask for his signature. On the flip side, I did have cards for Cabrera and Damon to sign:

This was the view from our seats:

Surprisingly, I remember quite a bit from the game itself. Miguel Cabrera hit a double, Jim Thome hit a triple and a homerun. The triple was Thome’s first since 2004. Then Joel Zumaya got hurt.

Credit for this photo goes to the authors mentioned in the caption.

Here are the scoring plays from the game:

7-19-10 @ Target Field – Indians vs. Twins

My dad and I almost didn’t go to this game because I had strep throat, but we decided to go because we had bought the tickets in advance. The game started at 7:10 and the gates opened at 5:30. For some reason we decided to go extra early, and we got to Target Field at 1:00. Since we had so much time before the gates opened we decided to walk downtown and have some fun. As we were walking downtown, we saw a 50 story building and wondered what it would be like to ride the elevators up and down. This building had express and local elevators. We rode the express elevator from the first floor to the 40th floor, and then back down. Express elevators travel fast; if you ever have time to kill in a big city go ride some elevators.

We continued walking downtown and then I saw something strange. People were dangling from the sides of a building washing the windows:

When we got back to Target Field around 4:00 I stood at Gate 34.

I met a man named “Waldo”, who up to this point had attended every Twins’ home game for the last 8 years. You can read about him here on Zack Hample’s blog post from 5-4-10.

From 4:00 until the gates opened there was only 1 ball that reached the plaza. After the ball bounced a few times, it started slowly rolling towards me. I got on the ground and reached through the gate to grab the ball, but Waldo used his broom to reach further then I could. He ended up getting it. There was another man who also collected baseballs, but I didn’t ask his name. He and Waldo had it out for each other. They kept bickering and swearing at each other, constantly complaining about the other. When I talked to Waldo, he talked trash about the other man. When I talked to the other man, he talked trash about Waldo. I’m not sure why they were so heated, but there must have been some history between the two of them. One of them lit a cigar and the smoke started to bother me because I had strep throat. I started coughing so much that I walked away and stood by myself. Then an older male employee on the other side of the gate started walking towards me. When he got closer to me he said, “Do you want a baseball?” He pulled a baseball out of his pocket, held it out to me and said, “Here you go.” I never expected to get a baseball this way, but I was ecstatic. I thanked the man and ran to show my dad.

My dad was in a restaurant in the Target Center. Once I got there, I stayed with him and ate supper. My dad was excited that I got a ball so he took my picture and called a good friend of ours to tell him the news.

I didn’t realize it right away, but it was a 2010 Twins Commemorative baseball. It symbolized the inaugural season of Target Field.

This was our view for the game:

The only thing I remember about this game was that the Twins were losing 7-1 in the 5th inning. My dad and I left at the end of the 5th because I started to get feel even worse than I did before. I’m pretty sure that we listened to the game on the radio on our drive home.

Here are the scoring plays from the game:

8-9-10 @ Miller Park – Diamondbacks vs. Brewers

I attended this game with my cousins Kyler and Elijah, and my uncle Kevin. We got to the game early enough to watch batting practice, and try to get a baseball. Towards the end of batting practice I succeeded by getting an unknown Diamondbacks player to throw a ball to me.

In the previous picture should help visualize a little bit. The arrow is pointing to where I was standing. The ball was a ground rule double that bounced over the open gate in the left field corner. Pretty soon an employee walked through the gate, and I asked him to throw the ball to me. Unlike the other employees that I had asked, he actually said yes.  The only problem was that he threw it too high and the ball sailed over my head back onto the field. The ball ended up near the “X” in the previous picture. I got a D-backs player’s attention and he tossed the ball to me, but it was so low that I couldn’t reach the ball. He was nice enough to try again, but this time when the ball hit my glove, I dropped it. At that point most players would’ve given up on me, but this guy was persistent, and I thank him for that. He wanted to make sure that I ended up with the ball so he threw it again. To his and my surprise I caught it.

This was the view from our seats during the game:

The Brewers and Diamondbacks played into extra innings. At the end of the 9th inning my uncle, cousins and I were shown on the big screen with the sign we had made for the game:

The game was still tied in the 10th inning. During the top of the 10th inning a foul ball was hit to my section. I anticipated the ball would land in the aisle, and since I was in the middle of the row, I did my best to get past everyone else as fast as I could. I reached the aisle and dropped to my knees attempting to make the catch. Then I felt the ball land in my glove. Clean catch… but then I was knocked over onto my side and down the next step. Sometime in between catching the ball and getting pushed down the steps, I dropped the ball. To say the least, I was really mad at the guy that knocked me over. I was also mad at myself for not hanging onto the ball tighter. How often do you get these chances only to lose the ball? Ugghh.

The diamondbacks won in 10 innings. This was the last look at Miller Park for the night:

Here are the scoring plays from the game:


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