FLASHBACK: 6-30-11 @ Yankee Stadium – Brewers vs. Yankees

Last summer my Godparents Mr. and Mrs. Strong invited me to New York to stay with them for a week. On my second day in New York we went to NYC. Mr. Strong had planned a full day of sightseeing for us. The day started when we left their house around 5:30 A.M. We took a two hour train ride to Penn Station, and then rode the subway to Yankee Stadium. We arrived at around 9:30, an hour and a half before the gates were scheduled to open.

This was our first look at the Stadium:

I took a ton of pictures while walking around the outside of the Stadium. After searching for it, we found Babe Ruth Plaza, and continued to take pictures.

After circling the outside of the stadium we ate an early lunch at the Hard Rock Café.

The Food was great, and the café was very classy. I really enjoyed seeing all of the musical memorabilia that the Hard Rock had to offer. I’ll list a few cool things that we saw.

A guitar played and signed by Bernie Williams:

An Ace Frehley autographed guitar and the Statue of Liberty “outfit” that was worn by Elton John:

My favorite piece of combined sports/music memorabilia is the giant guitar signed by hundreds of Yankee players from over the years:

When we were done eating and looking at memorabilia, we got in line for the Stadium. The gates hadn’t opened yet and you could tell because the lines were huge.

The next picture is a panoramic of my first look inside Yankee Stadium.

When we reached home plate Mr. Strong took a picture of me with the field in the background.

No one was taking batting practice, but the cage was set up so I was expecting to see batting practice at some point. I saw the Brewers’ pitching staff was warming up down the left field line so we headed that way. I stood behind Yovani Gallardo, and when he finished throwing he tossed his ball to the person next to me. He started signing autographs so I got my hat signed. It wasn’t too long after that when the Brewers started taking batting practice.  Only a couple of balls were hit to the seats in left field, and it was so crowded that I had no chance.

When batting Practice ended we explored the lower two levels of Yankee Stadium.

I thought that the concourse looked awesome. On our way to our seats we saw that there were seats from the old Yankee Stadium that were for sale. They were normally priced at $1500, but the old timers’ day special was $750. What a great deal?

Once we sat down we saw Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth sitting in front of us.

We had a great view of the game and were shaded from the sun by the overhang. This was nice because it was so hot out.

The game was full of excitement. Mark Teixeira hit his 300th career homerun, and CC Sabathia fanned 13 batters!

The first time that Mark Teixeira stepped up the plate the big screen displayed “Mark Teixeira has 299 Home Runs”. I thought to myself, “I should record his at bats today incase he hits 300.” I recorded his first at bat, but I forgot to record his next at bat in the 3rd inning. However, I started recording just after he hit #300.

The Brewers were shutout and only allowed 6 hits, but somehow Ryan Braun still managed to go 3-3.  Prince Fielder almost hit a 3 run homer, but the ball was foul by about 10 feet.

Here are the play-by-play scoring plays from the game:

We left the game when Logan relieved Sabathia in the 8th inning to get ahead of the crowd.  We wanted to do as much sightseeing around NYC as we could. The Yankees beat the Brewers 5-0.



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