Pat Neshek Interview

Pat Neshek was drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the 6th round of the 2002 amateur draft. He made his Major League Debut on July 7th, 2006, and pitched two scoreless innings in a loss to the Texas Rangers. Currently, he is a pitcher for the Oakland Athletics. Over his Major League career, Neshek has compiled a 14-8 record with a 3.00 ERA and 187 strikeouts.


Pat is a very big autograph collector. In fact, he even has his own website dedicated to autograph collecting. If you would like to see it, click on this link: Pat has a very smart and interesting way to collect autographs. Here is a screen shot from his website explaining how you can get HIS autograph:

Pat neshek screen shot

When I learned of this, I thought that I would try it out. I sent him a signed Ned Yost card that I had bought at Twins Fest. *Just a note: I have only PURCHASED two autographs. I do NOT count them in my collection because I purchased them*. Anyways, I sent him the Ned Yost card, and two other cards that I wanted him to sign for me. I also sent him a sheet of paper containing five interview questions.

Two weeks later I received a letter in the mail from Pat Neshek. Pat was very generous and answered my five questions, signed my two baseball cards, and even included an extra signed card of him.

Here are the questions I asked him, along with his answers:

Q1 (Me):         When did you start collecting baseball cards and autographs?

Pat Neshek:     “1986 with the help of my dad”

Q2 (Me):         Roughly how many signatures do you have in your collection, and which is your favorite?

Pat Neshek:     “No clue, Too many.”

Q3 (Me):         What makes you nervous in a game and how do you regain your composure?

Pat Neshek:     “Watching the game thinking about when I might go in. Nervous feelings go away when I warm up.”

Q4 (Me):         Were there any coaches in the minors who gave you tips that you still use in the Majors?

Pat Neshek:     “Not really, Stu Cliburn – 1st pitch slider w/ men on base”

Q5 (Me):         What are your expectations for yourself, your fans, and the A’s organization going into the 2013 season?

Pat Neshek:     “Stay healthy & pitch my game.”

You can follow Pat on Twitter @PatNeshek



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