Player Interview Poll & Blog Update

Lately I have been Interviewing baseball players. I have done 7 interviews so far, and I have enjoyed every one of them. I’m very thankful towards everyone I’ve interviewed. They’ve been kind enough to give me some of their time. One of the reasons why I enjoy doing these interviews is that because I get to talk to people who have played the game of baseball, I get closer to baseball.

So far, I have posted entries for my interviews with Luc Rennie and Pat Neshek. If you haven’t read them yet, then click here to watch my interview with Luc, or click here to read my interview with Pat.

ANYWAYS… The reason for this entry is to find out what you want me to post next. I have opened a poll so you can vote. I’m pretty sure that you can vote as many times as you would like. On January 3rd I will close the poll and write about whatever had the most votes.

On January 1st, New Years Day, I will post an entry about my 2013 blogging plans. I have many plans for 2013, so look out 🙂

Vote away!



    • Paaoool123

      If a name is listed on the poll, I have already done an interview with the person. Yes though, the Greenberg interview was a fun one to do. He had some great answers to my questions.
      -Paul K

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