Logo Contest

A few weeks ago I told Nick Badders, “I feel like I should have a contest to see who can make me the best logo for my blog.” I have decided to make this contest into a two-part blogging series entitled, “Logo Contest”, which will take place from January 15 – 22. Instead of posting a new entry on January 22, I will just update this entry and include “Part 2” at the bottom. With the help of Nick, Sean Bigness, Quinn Imiola and Mateo Fischer, I came up with the following contest rules/guidelines:

1. Create a logo for my blog.

You MUST incorporate the words “A Piece of The Game” into the logo. Make sure to also capitalize the correct letters.

2. Send it to me via email (Paulhawk.baseball@live.com) with your name.

All logos MUST be submitted by 11:59 pm on Monday, January 21, 2013

3. On Tuesday, January 22, I will update this entry and reveal my the winner. He/she will get their choice of ONE of the following prizes. However, EVERYONE who submits a logo will also get to pick ONE prize (It must be approved by me… it’s just to make sure that you actually made a logo).

This is how prizes will be given out:

The creator of my favorite logo gets FIRST choice at a prize. The FIRST person (besides the 1st place winner) to enter a logo gets the SECOND choice at a prize. The SECOND person gets the THIRD choice, and so on… This way, everyone gets a prize!


4. Each winner will get their choice at one of the following prizes:

2005 Mike Rogers #155 Topps Certified Autograph issue 219/399:


Jeff Rowe 2007 Topps – Authentic Autograph Card:


Bill Schroeder 1985 topps #176 – Autographed:


Autographed picture of Roger Clemens (and Letter from foundation) :


2k6 for Original Xbox:


Roughly 60 sports cards (mixed hockey, basketball and golf) :

sports cards.

Saint Paul Saints 15th season commemorative baseball:

st paul saints

Fox Sports North Minnesota Twins magnets:

twins magnets

Feel free to ask me about my interests as well as preferences pertaining to making your logo. You can reach me on Twitter @APieceofTheGame, or on Facebook – A Piece of The Game. Good Luck!!

January 22nd / Part 2

This is how the prizes will be given out:

The 1st place winner will get to pick a prize first. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners get to pick their prize based on the order from when they submitted their logo.

I’ve listed the winners and which prizes they’ve chosen (Also, if you click their name, you will be able to read their blog) :

1st Place: Brendan Weingarten St. Paul Saints Commemorative baseball

I havent known him for very long, but I know that Brendan writes a blog called The Ballpark Guide. I recommend checking it out!

I WILL be using this as APieceofTheGame’s (blog) Logo from now on. Thank you Brendan!

Brendan Weingarten's Logo

2nd Place: Nick Badders Minnesota Twins magnets

I will be using this as APieceofTheGame’s Facebook and Twitter profile pictures. Thank you Nick!

Nick Badders' Logo

3rd Place: Jared Serre 2005 Mike Rogers #155 Topps Certified Autograph issue 219/399

This will be APieceofTheGame’s (blog) logo for one week, followed by being the Facebook picture for one week, and also the Twitter picture for one week. Thank you Jared!

Jared Serre's Photo

4th Place: (Wishes to remain nameless) – Doesnt want a prize

This will be APieceofTheGame’s (blog) logo for one week, followed by being the Facebook picture for one week, and also the Twitter picture for one week. Thank you (unnamed)!


I didn’t mention it in the first part of this entry, but There is a chance for ONE of the contestants to win a SECOND prize. I want you, the readers, to vote for your favorite logo. Voting ends at 12:59 on Monday January 28th. Whoever gets the most votes gets to pick a second prize. This entry will be updated on Tuesday, January 29th, and you will be able to see who wins another prize.

January 29th / Part 3

After a week of having the poll open, I closed it on January 28th. Brendan came in 1st place with 13 votes, Nick came in second place with 10 votes, and Jared came in 3rd place with 2 votes.

Brendan has decided to pick the autographed picture of Roger Clemens (and a letter from foundation). Thank you to everyone who voted during this contest! Also, thank you to Brendan, Nick, Jared, and (unnamed) for participating!

In case you forgot, I wanted to let everyone know that Brendan, Nick, and Jared each write a baseball blog. If you are interested in reading them, then click on one of their names and you will be directed to their blog.


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