Twins 2013 Winter Caravan – Part 2

The Twins Winter Caravan came to Rochester, MN just a few days ago. The event was held on Wednesday night at the Ramada Hotel and Convention Center.

I attended the Caravan with my friend Mr. Most and one of his friends. As we entered the convention center we were each handed a ticket for prize drawings.

Kris Atteberry (Twins radio broadcaster) started by introducing the Twins President, Dave St. Peter. He followed by introducing Joe Vavra, Glen Perkins, Brian Duensing, and T.C. Bear. Each person then took their turn with the microphone. Each gave a short speech himself, and answered the questions that Kris Atteberry had for them. I learned something new about every one of them!

I recorded Brian Duensing’s response to Kris Atteberry’s question about Justin Moreau’s 2012 season.

Following this, we watched a highlight video from the 2012 season, which also highlighted new additions to the 2013 Minnesota Twins. My favorite part of the video was when it showed who would likely fill each fielding position in 2013. Trevor May, Vance Worley, Ray Olmedo, Kevin Correia, Rich Harden, Alex Meyer and were among the many new names in the Minnesota Twins Organization.

Now, do you remember the tickets I mentioned we had received as we entered the event? Well, those were used to give away prizes. There were probably around 10-15 prizes given away. Prizes included Twins Fest Tickets, Bobble heads, and autographed baseballs. Mr. Most won an autographed baseball, so that was cool to see!

After the prizes were given away, people were allowed to get in line for autographs. While everyone was getting in line, I noticed that Dave St. Peter was in the back of the room. I took advantage of this, and made my way back to talk with him before others did. I introduced myself, and while we were talking, I mentioned my blog. He sounded interested in what I had to say. Mr. St. Peter is a fantastic guy, and he is also very down to earth! He really encouraged me to keep writing and to look into a sports related career. I was even able to interview him for a few minutes!

This is Dave St. Peter and Me

This is Dave St. Peter and Me

After I got a picture with him, I left him with my card.

Following my conversation with Dave St. Peter, I got in line for autographs. I proceeded to get the autographs of Joe Vavra, Brian Duensing, Glen Perkins and Kris Atteberry.

When I got to Kris, I didn’t have anything to get his signature on so I handed him one of my business cards for him to sign. When he saw the front of the card he asked, “Is this your card? Are you Paul? So are you a writer?” I answered his question and told him that I write about collecting baseballs and interviewing MLB players. When he heard this, he got excited (probably because sports media is his profession). He asked me where I go to school, what grade I’m in, what I want to do for a career, and a bunch of questions about my blog.  After I answered his questions, he gave me his phone number and email in case I have any questions about writing. It was awesome to see that he was genuinely interested that I write a baseball blog. That was SO cool, and it meant the world to me!! Kris really reached out to me by giving me his support and professional advice. People like Kris can really build confidence in others. I know I’ve said it before, but thank you for everything Kris!!

All of the Autographs from Twins Caravan 2013

All of the Autographs from Twins Caravan 2013



    • Paul K

      Nick –
      Thats to bad that the A’s dont do this. These events are great for the fans and the players. At least for me, it is the “Official” start to the new baseball season. Hopefully the A’s start doing a Caravan in the coming years.
      -Paul K

      • Nick Badders

        I wish the did it again! They went to 5 or so different locations in the Bay Area each time. I got a ball signed by a bunch of different guys, as well as a lot of logo baseballs and lots of candy canes! I remember Brad Ziegler was “flirting” with my sister, who was 7 at the time. She loved it!

  1. tonyv433

    This is the reason why I am still a Twins fan. Yes, they have under-performed as of late, but man do they know how to market themselves and provide a positive fan experience. I’m glad you got to ask Dave St. Peter some questions, he seems like a very personable guy.

    The one weird thing about this blog, the fact that you are talking about the Twins, TwinsFest, Twins Caravan, Interviewing Twins personnel, all while having the Brewers logo in the background. I know, I know, the Brew Crew are your home team, and I’m glad you are still close to the Twins, you’re just lucky this isn’t 1997 or earlier, otherwise we’d have some issues. 🙂

    Congrats, Paul! I’m sure that this wave of recent success is just the tip of the iceberg! Chase those dreams!!

    • Paul K

      Do i even want to know what types of issues we would have 🙂 ??
      My plan is to change the background back to the Twins theme the day before I attend my first 2013 Twins game. I will be at Miller Park for a few games during opening week. That should be fun! Thanks for all of the encouragement in interviewing and blogging!
      -Paul K

    • Paul K

      I am a little familiar with the Dodger’s Fan Fest, but don’t know that much about it. What were the highlights? Thanks for reading!
      -Paul K

      • Matthew

        They had Legends, Vin Scully, and Current Players do interviews, Sign Autographs, Games exhibits and free give aways. As well as Music and everything. It was really great. They have it in the parking Lot of Dodger Stadium. This year they also sold Tickets for individual Games for the upcoming season

    • Paul K

      Thank you. Have you attended any Fan Fests before? It is to bad that the Yankees and meta done have a Fan Fest. I think that every team should have a Fan Fest… It is a great way to kick off the year!
      – Paul K

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