MLBlogs Latest Leaders (Jan 2013)

Every month MLBlogs publishes a blog entry ranking people according to how many views their blog had during the previous month. January was a really busy month on APieceofTheGame, and I even ranked in the top-50 Latest Leaders – January 2013 on MLBlogs! I wrote this entry because this was my first time making the top-50 list, and I’m very excited!! Do you  want to guess what number I was on the list?


I was #24 on the list! When I saw this, I was very surprised, and amazed!! I don’t know how many places I jumped since last month’s (I didn’t make the top 50 in December) standings, but I know I jumped at least 27 spots!

It is only February and I’ve already accomplished one of my goals for 2013, “Finish in the top 50 in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders”. On New Years Day, I posted an entry entitled, 2013 Blogging Plans. It includes all 10 of my goals for 2013. If you would like to read it, click here.

Thank you to everyone for reading! It is awesome how so many people read my blog entries. Thank you!! I enjoy writing APieceofTheGame, and plan to do a lot more of it in 2013. Hopefully this is the first of many times that I make the top-50 on!

Thank you.

– Paul K


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