2013 Twins Fest – Saturday, Jan 26

Here is the highlight video from Saturday, Jan 26 (The second day of TwinsFest). It is about 2 minutes longer than the first video, but that is because Saturday was a bit more eventful. Anyways, here it is:

I thought it would be good if I included the videos of us on the mock broadcast booth. Here is the broadcast that Sean and I did:

Here is Mateo and Isaac’s broadcast, but the actual broadcast starts at the 1:10 mark:

Over Friday and Saturday I got 12 autographs (13 if you include T.C. Bear). I stood in line for all of them (except T.C.). Here is a picture of the autographs:

My autographs from TwinsFest 2013

The Photo of T.C. Bear (in the previous picture) contains the autographs of Kyle Gibson, Caleb Thielbar, Chris Herrmann, and Pedro Hernandez (Also T.C. Bear).

The Twins pocket schedule (in the previous picture) contains the autographs of Nate Hanson and Austin Malinowski.

Trevor May, Tony Oliva, Terry Steinbach, Alex Meyer, Tom Brunansky, and Paul Molitor’s autographs are on their baseball cards in the previous picture.

Also, here is a picture of almost everything I got from TwinsFest over Friday and Saturday:

Twins Fest stuff

Out of the 11-12 hours I spent at TwinsFest over the weekend, I spent the majority of time with Mateo and Sean. Both Mateo and Sean attended all three days of TwinsFest. Mateo made a Vlog (video blog) for each day of Twins Fest. The videos are great, and they really capture the excitement and energy that was at Twins Fest. If you want to watch any of the videos, then click the following links:

TwinsFest Day 1

TwinsFest Day 2

TwinsFest Day 3

Both days of TwinsFest were a blast! I got some cool stuff, had an Amazing time, and I met some great people (I learned some new names).

Very big shout-out to Ben Erickson! I met Ben in an autograph line on Friday. We had some good conversations and I got to know him a little bit. We also saw each other 5 or 6 times on Saturday. I’m glad to have me you Ben!

I’d like to thank my family for going to Bloomington on Friday so I could attend TwinsFest. Thank you Mr. Most for inviting me to go along with you on Saturday! I had a great time with you up there. Also, thank you Isaac for coming along with us! Thank you Sean and Mateo for spending Friday and Saturday with me at Twins Fest.

Spring training is thought to be the starting point of baseball. However, TwinsFest is the start of Twins baseball.

Twins Logo



    • Paul K

      I only recorded what I had preplaned… and then of course with the bonus of playing baseball, broadcasting, and justin morneau. I have actual footage with all the players in the video I kept to mostly showing pictures because I didnt want to completely copy vlog idea. I don’t like taking other people’s ideas because then my entries dont feel original.
      -Paul K

      • ch1088

        Yea. It’s disappointing. I might go to the fanfest for the All-Star Game this year. I don’t feel like dishing out 1,500$ for the HR Derby and All-Star game, the Mets are most likely going to use leftover balls the rest of the year.

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