MLBlogs Latest Leaders (Feb 2013)

Every month MLBlogs publishes a blog entry ranking people according to how many views their blog had during the previous month. February was a fairly busy month for “A Piece of The Game”, and I ranked in the Top-50 Latest Leaders – February 2013 on Blogs Central. This was the second time I had made the Top-50 list during 2013.

February 2013 Latest Leaders

As you can see from the picture, I ranked #27 on the list. I moved down on the list by 3 spots since last month, but I continue to be amazed by all of the support I am getting from so many people. Thank you so much, it means a lot. Thank you to everyone who has been reading, commenting, or just browsing on this blog! I’m proud to be a part of the latest leaders list, it is always encouraging to see that people like to read what I’m writing about! I am also proud to have my blog mentioned with so many great blogs on the same list. Congratulations to everyone who made the list, and keep up the great work!

-Paul K



    • Paul K

      Thank you for the encouragment, Mark! Also, thanks for putting the list together on a monthly basis, It is appreciated very much by a lot of people!
      -Paul K

  1. namajam

    Congrats Paul! I’m a huge Twins fan out here in Seattle and I don’t hear much about them. I try and catch them at Safeco Field when they visit and try to listen to their games on You have some great blogs! Keep it up.

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