4-3-13 @ Miller Park – Rockies vs. Brewers


My dad and I got to Miller Park at 4:40 because I was headed to TGI’s to catch part of the Brewers portion of batting practice. Actually, my dad dropped me off and met me back at Miller Park for the start of the game. It was another cold day as the temperature was somewhere in the high 20’s to the low 30’s. Unfortunately the weather would only get colder as the night went on. Fortunately Miller Park has a retractable roof which meant that I would be inside a climate controlled environment. Oh, how I love Miller Park. I’d like to mention that this was the 3rd day in a row where I had spotted ice at the ballpark!

Once I got inside TGI’s and to the “Front Row” I was greeted by Shawn and his girlfriend. They had had no luck so far because of the Brewers hitters’ lack of power during batting practice. Eventually though, there were a few balls that made it up to the restaurant area. I was the first of the three of us to snag a ball on Wednesday. Khris Davis chased a ball to the wall and then tossed it up. However, it wasn’t intended for me, it was intended for Shawn. Because it was intended for Shawn, I moved 6+ feet behind him to let him have his space on the catch. Khris Davis threw it way over Shawn’s head, which was directly to me.


Not more than 10 minutes later Rickie Weeks hit an absolute bomb to left center field. In case you forgot, WE were in left center field. The ball cleared all of our heads. The first thing it hit was a stair case that was 10 feet behind us.


The second thing it hit was the inside of my glove, because I caught it when it bounced back.


As the time got closer to 5:40 I started to plan where I would go for the Rockies portion of bp I knew the sun would be a very big problem just like the day before so I didn’t even think about going to the Loge. When the gates finally opened at 5:40 (read 5:45), I positioned myself here:


I watched the pitchers warm up on the field and then got completely ignored as I asked for a ball when they had finished throwing.

Shortly afterwards I noticed this:


Did you see it? In the previous picture there was a ball that had been stopped by the net. I moved over to the first row of section 127 and was in the perfect spot to get the toss-up.

Here’s a closer look at it:


Coach Jim Wright threw it to me as he was heading off the field. Batting practice wasn’t over yet, but for whatever reason he left the field early. Anyways, here was my new ball:


That was all the action in batting practice. Now let’s fast forward to the game. Our seats were in section 112 on the aisle. This was the view:


I would’ve played for 3rd out balls the whole game, but most of the ushers don’t even want you to stand in the aisle for the duration of 1 out. For some reason I didn’t mind this as much as I had the night before. I didn’t even try to stand in the aisle tonight; I just enjoyed sitting down and watching the game with my dad. My dad and I both noticed that 1st base was occupied by both Gonzalezs’ at least once throughout the game:


In the fourth inning I got up to get some Nachos. While I was waiting for the nachos to be made I thought I should get a picture looking towards the field. At that point I was photo bombed by person #1 who you can see in the next photo:


Persons 1, 2 and 3 in the previous picture were all drunk, but they were in a good friendly mood. They were all friends who came to the game together. You might have noticed that he was pointing at something in the picture. Yeah, he was pointing at my Rockies hat. He started to jokingly reprimand me for being a Rockies fan. I let him have his fun and then we had a conversation while we ALL waited for our food. As we were talking, person #3 spilled her beer on person #1 and #2. I did my best not to laugh. About a minute before I finally got the Nachos person #1 started yelling, “YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!! YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!!” I turned my shoulder to see who he was yelling to and discovered he was hitting on a 15 or 16 year old girl. The girl only blushed, laughed, and tried to ignore him. Not surprisingly she thought it was hilarious and couldn’t help giving him her attention. Person #3 said, “Stop! She’s like 14!” Person #1 then continued, “SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!! ISNT SHE BEAUTIFUL?! SHE’S SO BEAUTIFUL!!” Oh the memories of Miller Park.

In the 8th inning I was returning to my seat from getting a napkin when I was asked to take a picture for 4 guys. I gladly took a few pictures of them, and then they rewarded me with a ticket for behind the Rockies’ On Deck Circle. They were awesome guys!

Starting in the bottom of the 8th inning this was my new view:


The game lasted 3 hours and 31 minutes. My favorite part of the game was seeing Rickie Weeks’ home run in the second inning.

Here is the box score and the scoring plays from the game:

4-3-13 box score 4-3-13 scoring summary

Once the game ended I was the first to get a ball from Umpire Tony Randazzo. That ball concluded my visit to Miller Park.

On our way out of the stadium my dad and I got our picture taken by an usher:


I took somewhat of a patriotic photo on our way to our car:


A Piece of The Game MVP:

Rickie Weeks:   He provided me with my first hit ball at Miller Park.

Player of The Game:

Wilin Rosario:   He went 3-5 on the night, collected 2 RBI, and also crossed the plate for a run.

Here is my final haul from the game:



  • 4 balls at this game
  • 13 balls in 3 games this season = Avg. 4.33 balls per game
  • 13 consecutive games with at least 1 ball
  • 13 consecutive games with at least 2 balls
  • 7 consecutive games with at least 3 balls
  • 4 consecutive games @ Miller Park with at least 1 ball
  • 4 consecutive games @ Miller Park with at least 2 balls
  • 3 consecutive games @ Miller Park with at least 3 balls
  • 2 consecutive game @ Miller Park with at least 4 balls
  • Gotten at least 1 ball from 12 different teams
  • 57 total balls


    • Paul K

      It would be nice to read some entries from Shawn, but I know he’s pretty busy. Tony, It always intrigues me how you can publish an entry within a few hours of the game being done. I hope I can achieve that sometime. It usually takes me a few hours per game entry, but don’t get to post until a day or 2 later. The angels game won’t be up for a few days…
      -Paul K

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