7-3-13 @ Target Field – Yankees vs. Twins

As I walked up to Target Field I was not surprised to see a HUGE line had formed outside of gate 34. It was the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen outside of the ballpark:


There were two main reasons for the big crowds of people. The Twins were playing the Yankees and it was also fireworks night. With 15 minutes until the gates opened I still had to purchase my ticket and get in line. I was unaware that it was Rasmussen College Student Day, but I was even more unaware that high school kids can also get ‘Standing Room Only’ tickets for $5. Lucky me!

Batting practice was painfully slow because the Yankees hit very few home runs. Wherever I was, the home runs weren’t. The Yankees were unsuccessful at hitting homeruns to the standing room in right field:


…to the grandstand in right field:


…And to the 200 level in left center field:


From what I’ve heard, all of these are usually great spots for the Yankees during batting practice. Just not today! Because I was in the process of being skunked, I headed to the bullpens when batting practice wrapped up. There were only a couple baseballs sitting in both bullpens. One is visible in this picture:


That ball was eventually thrown to me by Larry Rothschild, the Yankees’ bullpen coach. He threw it about 6 feet to low and then it hit the wall and bounced into the Twins bullpen.  Then Rothschild grabbed another ball and threw it right to me. In the next picture he is circled leaving the bullpen:


This was my first ball from the Yankees. When the game started I hung out in the bleachers for the first inning, and then stood out in right field for the rest of the game. This was my view:


While I was there I enjoyed talking to an usher named David. We talked for almost the whole game. He was very friendly and outgoing to everyone. He had a great sense of humor and was very informative about everything about the Twins and Target Field. I was going to take a picture of him but I forgot!

I was hoping that the Yankees would hit some home runs to right field, but I had forgotten that there is not a lot of punch in the Yankees line up this year. Most of their payroll is on the DL right now. After a few innings I got bored and started taking pictures like this:


Because there were fireworks after the game I was unable to get to the spot where I usually get a ball from Mario. But I did take pictures of the crowd taking pictures with their flashes on. This picture has not been edited or enhanced, the white dots are actually camera flashes:


I did not stay for the fireworks, but I recorded part of the show while I was walking to the train:

When I got to the station I was very hungry. Because the train was running 10 minutes late I decided to get some fries from ‘Downtown Diner’ which was just across the tracks:


An order of  ‘small fries’ is $2.50, but it isn’t small. The fries were delicious! If I had more time I would’ve gotten some pizza or something else from the menu. All the food looked really tasty and affordable.

Thank yous:

I don’t usually do “Thank Yous”, but there are a couple people who deserve many thanks in this entry.

  • Uncle Mark and Aunt Michelle – Thank you for letting me stay overnight at your house after the game!
  • Uncle Mark – Thank you so much for driving me to Target Field and picking me up at the mall afterwards! I wouldn’t have been able to go without your help!

Now about the game! The Yankees beat the Twins 3-2. The Twins took a 1-0 lead when Brian Dozier scored off a Joe Mauer double in the 3rd inning. The Twins scored again in the 5th inning when Trevor Plouffe hit a 415 foot home run to center field to extend the lead to 2-0. Up to this point P.J. Walters was pitching a great game and hadn’t run into any trouble yet. In the 6th inning the Yankees strung a few hits together. Bret Gardner and Ichiro Suzuki scored when Robinson Cano doubled to right field. Later in the inning the Yankees took a 3-2 lead when Cano scored off a sac fly hit by Lyle Overbay. CC Sabathia earned his 200th career Win. He pitched through 7 innings, allowed 7 hits, 3 BB and 2 earned runs while striking out 9 batters. Here is the box score and scoring plays from the game:

box scorescoring plays

A Piece of The Game MVP:

Larry Rothschild:    He kept my “consecutive games with at least 1 ball” streak alive. Now its up to 18.

Player of The Game:

CC Sabathia:   I mentioned this before, but Sabathia earned his 200th Win! …AND I WAS THERE TO SEE IT! this is a pretty significant milestone to reach. Check this out:

game research

That is pretty impressive if you ask me. If you didn’t think so before, this is a pretty good indication that Sabathia is a headed for the Hall of Fame. I’ve only seen the Yankees play twice, but Sabathia has Won both games and only allowed a total of 2 runs on 10 hits. Last time I saw the Yankees play I was at Yankee Stadium on June 30th, 2011. That time I saw Mark Teixeira’s 300th homerun! Click here to read about it!

Here is my 1 ball from the night:

1 ball

  • 1 balls in this game
  • 31 balls in 8 games this season = Avg. 3.87 balls per game
  • 18 consecutive games with at least 1 ball
  • 16 consecutive Twins home games with at least 1 ball
  • Gotten at least 1 ball from 13 different teams
  • 75  total balls


  1. tonyv433

    Those fries look delicious! Nice to preserve your streak. With the Twins looking to continue their 90+ games losing season I think the prices will be much lower and attendance will once again collapse (good news for us!).

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