07-31-13 @ Target Field – Royals vs. Twins

This was the first game I had been to since the All Star break had ended, and I was excited to be back at Target Field. Since it was Rasmussen College Student Day, My friend Matt accompanied me to the game. Although, he didn’t actually have to buy a ticket because Tony gave him his extra ticket (Thanks Tony!). I hadn’t seen Tony since the Angels vs. Twins game in April! Luckily we had plenty of time to catch up before the gates opened. The three of us were going to get a group picture, but we forgot.

I got on the board during the second group of BP when Matt and I were in the second deck in left field. I was in the 3rd row of section 231 when Salvador Perez hit one of the only homers to nearly reach the second deck. I reached over the facing of the second deck, but I couldn’t reach low enough to catch it. I turned to walk back up the steps when James Shields yelled “Heads up!”. He had thrown the ball back up to me, but I didn’t realize it until the ball was about to nail me in the face. Fortunately I avoided getting a black eye by catching the ball. I took a picture of it in the concourse as we moved back to right field for the third group of batting practice:


Back in right field I took the corner spot next to the overhang and Matt played one section to my left. Alex Gordon started spraying homers in our direction. He was hitting them so far that I backed up 2 rows in case he hit one over my head. He hit the very next pitch four rows in front of me in the middle of the section. I almost grabbed it on the ground but I got beat when I was a foot away. Shortly after this happened, a homer was hit to Matt – like right at him. He froze up and the ball landed in the seat next to him, but he didn’t grab it in time. The final embarrassing moment of the day came when Aaron Crow fielded a ball under the overhang in right field. I called out his name, but then he disappeared under the overhang:


He reappeared and tossed the ball up, but I had already walked away! I scrambled to it, but it rolled to the bottom of the section before I had a chance to grab it. Those mistakes drive me crazy!

When the game started Matt and I found some nice bleacher seats on the Aisle next to the bullpens. By the fifth inning we had two close calls with an almost homer and an almost ground rule double, but neither happened.

Sometime in the sixth inning we visited the Team Store and I got a first hand look at one of the 2014 All Star Game baseballs:


I don’t really like it. The commemorative logo looks really generic, but its not that bad. I would like it a lot more if the logo would be blue instead of red. I was going to buy one of them but then I decided to wait. I’m going to be at the All Star Game next year, so I want to try to get one from ballhawking before I purchase one.

During the next few innings I played around with the camera for a bit and got some action shots of Eric Hosmer stealing second base:


In the 7th inning we wandered around the concourse and eventually we scored some sweet seats:


…And then I took some more action shots:



Did you notice the All Star Game Logo that was on the right field wall in any of the previous pictures? Here’s a close up picture of it:


It’s not my favorite, but I kind of like it. My favorite Twins’ All Star Logo is the one behind home plate:


After the game ended I got Mario’s attention. He grabbed three balls and threw two balls to the kids in front of me. Mario acknowledged me and then he threw a knuckleball to me! It was really cool except the person in front of me backed up a few steps, stuck his glove up in the air, jumped and caught the ball right in front of my glove. He gave it to me, and I gave it to Matt. I didn’t count that ball in my collection because a fan gave it to me.

The Royals beat the Twins 4-3. It was my first time getting to see Jeremy Guthrie. In 6 innings he allowed 2 earned runs on 6 hits. He struck out 5 men and walked 2. I would’ve preferred that the Twins would’ve won, but I was still glad that Guthrie got the win. Here is the box score and scoring plays from the game:

7-31 box 7-31 scoring summary

A Piece of The Game MVP:

James Shields:    He threw a ball to me even when I didn’t expect him to. By doing this he also kept my streak alive.

Player of The Game:

Billy Butler:   Although he only went 1-3 in 4 plate appearances, he still managed to get 2 RBI (one appearance resulted in a sac fly). He was a big part of why the Royals won.

  • 1 ball in this game
  • 33 balls in 10 games this season = Avg. 3.3 balls per game
  • 20 consecutive games with at least 1 ball
  • 18 consecutive Twins home games with at least 1 ball
  • Gotten at least 1 ball from 13 different teams
  • 77  total balls


    • Paul K

      Sorry, I thought for sure that I had replied to you! The Milwaukee games had their ups and downs, but it was fun. Glad to be back at Target Field though. I’m much more comfortable there.

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