8-15-13 @ Miller Park – Reds vs. Brewers

I was planning on meeting Shawn Bosman at TGIs around 4:30, but didn’t show up until almost quarter after 5 due to trouble with printing my tickets. It’s a very long and unexciting story that I wont get into. Oh well, I still made it to Miller Park in plenty of time (Thank you, Dad!).


Did I mention Shawn? Yes, before the gates opened I caught up with Shawn and also met his mother Sue. I was happy to hear that they would be visiting Target Field on August 27th when the Royals play the Twins at Target Field. Tony and I rarely get visitors at Target Field… (Mateo, if you’re reading this, when are you coming back?) so naturally I was instantly eager for this game.

Once the gates opened I headed to foul territory in left field. If I got a toss up right away then I would join Shawn in the Loge for the rest of batting practice. I wanted to be sure to get on the board. Mat Latos was shagging balls in left field and throwing almost every ball into the crowd, but he didn’t throw any my way.As batting practice went on, I didn’t think I would get a ball. Towards the end of batting practice someone hit a ball to left field and it went through here:


The employee on the left was kind enough to throw the ball to me, but it didn’t help that he couldn’t aim (Thanks for trying pal). It’s the though that counts, right? Mat Latos watched the whole thing happen, but he just retrieved the ball and tossed it back to the infield. A few minutes later another ball was hit into the open gate on the field level, but this time the employee threw the ball to Mat Latos, who relayed the throw to me!


In the previous picture Latos has his back turned towards the camera. It may have taken almost all of batting practice, but I was on the board! At the end of batting practice I moved here:


As the players were coming off the field a Reds player (with a cool beard) threw a ball to me, but an autograph collector put his hands up in front of my glove and stole my ball. Bummer.

No one scored in the first inning, but the Brewers took the lead in the second inning when Khris Davis pounded a home run to the left field loge. 434 feet is a long ways. Khris Davis is one of the guys on the brewers who have stepped up and had a solid year so far. The Reds tied the game in the 5th inning Zack Cozart singled to center field, which allowed Devin Mesoraco to score on the play. In the top of the 6th inning I went to get some Nachos and didn’t get back until the 8th inning. All the lines were crowded because of the $10 vouchers. Thank you, Ryan Braun, for the free food. The insanely long lines combined with the concession staff’s slow pace really slowed things down a lot. This was the shortest line:


I got the opportunity to spend 45 quality minutes in line, for some nachos. Was it worth it? haha, I’m really not sure!  I missed seeing Joey Votto’s home run to center field in the 6th inning. Votto’s homer put the Reds on top, 2-1 and it stayed that way the rest of the game. Following the game my dad and I headed out and called it a night. Besides the concession lines, It was a good night.


The attendance was 36,076, but Miller Park looked a lot emptier than that. I think it seemed empty because 36,000 at Target Field is almost at full capacity where at Miller Park its only around 80%.

Here is the box score and scoring plays from the game:

scoring plays

A Piece of The Game MVP:

Mat Latos: Thanks for hooking me up with a ball today.

Player of the Game:

Tony Cingrani: He had a very solid outing of 6.1 innings while only allowing one run on four hits. Count them, he struck out NINE batters and only allowed one walk. He is, the Player of the Game.

Here’s my final haul from the day:


  • 1 ball in this game
  • 40 balls in 13 games this season = Avg. 3.07 balls per game
  • 5 consecutive games @ Miller Park with at least 1 ball
  • 23 consecutive games with at least 1 ball
  • Gotten at least 1 ball from 15 different teams
  • 84  total balls


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