08-27-13 @ Target Field – Royals vs. Twins


Once again, I was back at Target Field, but I probably wouldn’t have gone to this game had it not been for Shawn Bosman. A few entries ago I mentioned that he would be visiting Target Field so I did my best to be at the game for his first visit to the “new” ballpark. I’m sorry Chris, I tried to be there in May 😦 . Tony was very excited to meet Shawn and wanted to make his first visit a very memorable one. Tony used his “season ticket holder perks” to gain access for the two of them to view batting practice at 4:15. I got to hang around with them until then, but then I was left with Waldo. This wasn’t a bad thing, I just wished there was water outside the gates instead of just inside. It was hot.

Waldo got pretty upset when we found out that batting practice was cancelled because of the heat. When I got inside the stadium I met up with Shawn and Tony behind the Twins’ dugout:


Thinking back on it now, I should’ve taken the picture with them in it. They each had a few baseballs, and even got to go on the field! Don’t take my word for it though, check out Tony’s blog entry about this game. We hung out behind the Twins dugout until we were told to leave by the lady usher who patrols those sections. She told us to leave because it was nearing 6:30, so its not like she kicked us out during the batting practice time slot. Tony & Shawn left to get food, but I wandered toward section 1. As I was walking I spotted Chris Herrmann, who was signing autographs at the end of the dugout. I worked my way down and Chris kindly signed my ticket:


I took a video of him signing my ticket, but it wasn’t able to get the video off my phone when I got a new phone a few days later.

To avoid speaking with the usher again, I went to the concourse beneath the seats to buy a steak burger. I didn’t want to miss the pregame tossing so I decided to eat it from a spot where I could also catch a baseball. With my glove on my left hand, and steak burger in my right hand, I was ready for the Twins to finish up playing catch. Finally the moment came when Wilken Ramirez and another teammate finished playing catch. I flashed my glove as he was walking from shallow center field back towards the right field foul line. He let it fly. I was surprised that he actually put some muscle into the throw. What made it even cooler was that I caught it while taking a bite out of my burger. *Attention ALL ballhawks: Your homework is to catch a baseball while biting into your burger.*  I thought it was cool enough to take a photo with Ramirez in the background.  IMG_20130827_185247_788

I felt like I had my fair share of fun, so I left the dugout seats when the game started. I stood in the right field plaza, waiting for a home run to be hit there. Unfortunately there were none. Later in the game I met up with Tony and Shawn in the outfield. There were enough open seats that we could all grab an aisle eat next to the bullpen.

For the final two innings I was behind the Royals dugout, but I didn’t manage to snag anything. That’s alright though, because the best part about the dugout seats is the great view:


Up until the 8th inning the game remained scoreless, but then the Royals scored 5 runs in the half of the inning. The Twins scored 1 run off a few hits in the bottom of the 8th, but they didn’t string enough together for a comeback. Billy Butler homered to right field in the 9th, but it didn’t go far enough to reach Shawn, who was still in the plaza. The Royals beat the Twins 6-1. Here is the box score and scoring plays from the game:

box scoring plays

The game was very long (3 hours & 10 minutes) but I stayed for all of it. After the game I got my second ball of the night from Mario, but he was pretty reluctant to throw it to me because he has seen me enough to know who I am. I don’t always ask him for a ball, but I think he thinks I do. I BARELY got a ball from Mario, but at least I got one from him.

Tony, Shawn and I were going to meet up after the game to get a picture together, but for some reason we all had terrible timing and missed each other completely. Oh well, there’s next time.

On my way out I took a nice photo of my small haul from the day:


A Piece of The Game MVP:

Wilkin Ramirez: He presented me with the chance to catch a baseball while I was biting into my burger. Trying new things is fun.

Player of the Game:

James Shields: His game stats were pretty good:


  • 2 balls in this game
  • 44 balls in 15 games this season = Avg. 2.93 balls per game
  • 21consecutive Twins home games with at least 1 ball
  • 25 consecutive games with at least 1 ball
  • Gotten at least 1 ball from 15 different teams
  • 88 total balls

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