Back to Boston! 2013 World Series Moves into Game 6!

Baseball fans have witnessed some crazy things so far in the 2013 World Series. Instead of going into an in-depth analysis of the World Series, I want to share with you my thoughts on this year’s Fall Classic.

Game 1 

The Red Sox kicked off the World Series last Wednesday night with an extra-long session of batting practice… against the Cardinals. The game was like a car wreck – you felt bad for the victims but it was almost impossible to look away.

Game 2

Boston, put your brooms away. By winning Game 2, the Cardinals assured baseball fans that the 2013 World Series wouldn’t be a repeat of the 2012 World Series when the San Francisco Giants swept the Detroit Tigers.

Game 3

The Red Sox and Cardinals’ offenses partook in an intense game of tug-of-war. It was basically a game of “I can do it better” that ended in a controversial, yet correct, call from Umpire Jim Joyce.

Game 4

Rookie mistake: Don’t get picked off, it might end the game. Final score: 4-2, Boston.

Game 5

Crucial turning point for the Red Sox. Not only did they win back to back nights, but by doing so they also took a 3-2 lead in the series.

The Rest of the Series

We always hear about how important Game 7 of the World Series is. Everything gets more exciting when sports teams compete down to the straw. As crucial as a 7th game would be, in this case Game 6 is more important. Game 6 will determine whether the Red Sox win the Fall Classic, or if the Cardinals will make a mad dash for Game 7. MLB history is unfolding right before us, and it is resting on this next game.

Game 6 will be played back in Boston on Wednesday, October 30 at Fenway Park.  A victory for the Red Sox would secure the first World Series Title for the Franchise at Fenway Park since 1918. A victory for the Cardinals in Game 6 would leave you with a difficult decision. Would you rather Trick or Treat?


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