Orioles vs. Red Sox @ jetBlue Park (03-08-14)

I got an early start to the day by arriving to Jet Blue Park by 8 o’clock in the morning. Let me say, it was a beautiful day:


Because the practice fields weren’t set to open until 9, I hung around the batting cages hoping to get a few autographs. And that’s just what happened. I was able to get the signatures of Jose Vinicio, Christopher Acosta, Henry Ramos, Javier Guerra, Reed Gragnani, Matthew Price, and two other MiLB players who I wasn’t able to recognize. As each player signed for me I tried to take a picture of them. Sometimes I got the picture as they were signing my baseball, and other times I got the picture after they walked away. I got a picture of everyone who signed for me:



Jose Vinicio

Jose Vinicio #17

Christopher Acosta

Christopher Acosta #13

Matthew Price

Matthew Price #70



Reed Gragnani

Reed Gragnani #18

Javier Guerra

Javier Guerra #13

Henry Ramos

Henry Ramos #77

When the practice facility opened at 9 o’clock I made my way over to where John Lackey and Allen Webster were playing catch:


Allen Webster and John Lackey playing catch

Allen and John were a bit sloppy, and the ball sailed on each of them a few times. My first ball of the day came when Allen overthrew John so much that it even cleared my head. After retrieving the ball, I threw a bullet all the way back to Allen Webster. I didn’t want the ball because John Lackey divorced his wife while she was battling cancer. So yeah, I threw it back to Allen.

Following this, I returned to the entrance of the practice fields because the Red Sox scrubs had begun taking batting practice on multiple fields. This was my view in front of me:


This was the view to my right:


This was my view to my left:


I was in a pretty good spot to get a few baseballs. I scooped up my second ball of the day when a liner was hit down the right field line:

DSCN3481 (MB2)

Dedgar Jimenez, one of the players in right field, threw me my third ball of the day:

IMG_20140308_104159_725 (MB3)

When I wasn’t paying attention there were a few players who walked past me on their way back to the clubhouse. Like I said – I wasn’t paying attention then, but Oscar Taveras sought out my attention because he wanted to give this baseball to me:

IMG_20140308_105745_080 (MB4)

Cool stuff! Minor League players are so friendly. Around 11 o’clock all practices ended, and then a scrimmage started on one of the far fields. I decided to play foul balls from this spot:


It wasn’t long before I had my first foul ball of the scrimmage. I was going to take a photograph of it, but I didn’t get a chance because a player ran over to retrieve it from me. The ball wasn’t in the best shape so I didn’t hesitate to throw it back to him.

When the scrimmage ended at 12:30 I was left with nothing to do other than walk around the outside of Jet Blue Park. After a few hours I decided to buy a ticket to the 3:00 tour of Jet Blue Park. I was told that I was supposed to meet the rest of the group outside the team store:


Our tour guide led us into the stadium early:


And then she led us on the field to watch the Red Sox take batting practice. I would’ve liked to have someone take my picture, but since everyone was a perfect stranger I decided to just take a cliché selfie:


My view of the ballpark was magnificent:


Being on the field was great, but I just wanted to be behind the fence in right field catching homeruns. When I bought the ticket for the tour I thought I would be able to hang out in the grassy seating area in right field. Had I known I would have to wait behind home plate for an hour and a half, I wouldn’t have gone on the tour.

When the rest of the stadium opened, I went to work. I started by catching a home run on the fly that was hit by an unknown Orioles player:


Next I retrieved a ball that had earlier been hit into the bullpen by David Ortiz. I’m not sure why, but I gave this ball away before I took a picture of it. I must not have thought clearly – I gave away a ball that was hit by Ortiz!

This was my view when the game started at 7:05 ET:


My ticketed seat was in the grassy section in right field:


I watched the first three innings of the game, but then I decided it was time to leave. After spending 12+ hours at the baseball complex, I had enough baseball. Plus I was tired out and ready to go to bed.

Here’s the box score and other info from the game:


Yay! Welcome back to the blogosphere. This post just makes me dream of Spring Training a little earlier.

I’m going to try to keep pumping out an entry per day until I catch up. Two down, eight to go.

Awesome entry! Glad to see that you’re posting again!

Thanks for reading! Did you make it to spring training to see the Red Sox?

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