White Sox vs. Twins @ Target Field (6-20-14)

After sitting through the crummy weather yesterday it was great to have clear blue skies, temperatures in the low 80’s,  and a nice gentle breeze blowing out of the ballpark. It was a perfect day for baseball!


Today I was accompanied by my friend Ethan from school. Looking back on it now, I realize we forgot to get a picture. We got to the stadium late because an accident occurred that involved a light rail train that hit a pedestrian. The next 3 stops ahead of our train were closed so the incident could be taken care of, but that meant that everyone on the rail had to get off the train to find alternative transportation to get to the next available station. Busses were provided for us, but it was a lot slower because of traffic. The transit system handled the situation very well and it went smoothly.

Although Ethan and I got to the stadium late, we were still able to get our Harmon Killebrew bobblehead at the gate and catch the second half of batting practice. Usually I don’t go to games when there’s a bobblehead because of how crowded it gets, but Ethan and I both really wanted a Harmon Killebrew bobblehead. Just after we entered through gate 34 a White Sox player hit a monstrous home run into the plaza, but it was to crowed to catch it before it landed. Suddenly I was in hot pursuit of the ball… I weaved in and out and all around people in the plaza just to chase down the ball. I almost grabbed it a few times, but the course of the ball kept changing because the ball kept ricocheting of off people’s feet. When I finally trapped the ball between my glove and my hand I was pretty far away from where I had begun. Then suddenly a guy came out of nowhere and grabbed the ball out of my glove. He said something like, “Hah I beat you!” and then he ran away. Stay classy, Minneapolis. I was pretty bummed that the guy stole my ball, but I could still count it anyways.

When batting practice ended Ethan and I found a nice spot in the bleachers:


We were able to sit here for the first few innings before the actually ticket owners claimed the seats. We spend most of the game in the plaza, where we hoped a home run would be hit:

Unfortunately, there were not any home runs hit to the plaza. If it’s any consolation prize, which it’s not, the sky was perfect for taking pictures:
IMG_20140620_195926_008 IMG_20140620_195943_182 IMG_20140620_205137_488 IMG_20140620_205649_678 IMG_20140620_205758_711 IMG_20140620_210014_398

There were some pretty cool things that happened in this game. In the first inning Jose Abreu hit his 21st home run of the season, which tied with Alexi Ramirez for the second most by a White Sox rookie in team history. In the 9th inning Paul Konerko cut the lead to 4-3 by collecting his final RBI in Twins Territory. My favorite part of the game was when Brian Dozier stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the 9th inning. He singled to left field to score the winning run in walk off fashion!

Here are the highlights from this very exciting game:

And finally, this was my souvenir for the night:






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