D-backs vs. Twins @ Target Field (09-22-14)

This was it. This was the first game of the last series that the Twins would play at Target Field for the season. Here’s a cliché picture I took as I approached Target Field:


It wasn’t to long after entering the stadium when I got a nice looking ball from Twins’ Ace, Phil Hughes:


I got that ball, but missed out on a few others because (1) I wasn’t paying attention and (2) Waldo beat me to the others. When the Diamondbacks took the field for batting practice I quickly got a toss up from someone who I did not recognize. The ball was absolutely perfect. It was completely clean, there were no marks and all the print was lined up as well. I really wanted to keep it, but I gave it to the small child who was two rows in front of me. It seemed like a good thing to do.

The player must have seen me give the ball away because he called to get my attention and then threw another flawless gem to me:


When the seats in right field started to fill up with people looking to get toss ups, I moved to left field because it would be easier to catch home runs where it was less crowded. This was the emptiest i’d seen Target Field in a long time. It was like a ghost town.


It’s a shame that the Diamondbacks were so weak offensively because had they hit a few home runs to left field, I could’ve snagged a few more baseballs.

With batting practice in the books, I made my way to the Diamondbacks dugout. I was surprised to see Andrew Wiggins, who was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves as the first pick overall in the 2014 NBA draft, was hanging around the dugout:


I concluded (and later confirmed) that he was here to throw the first pitch. I ended up moving over to the Twins dugout because Dominique had started to play catch with Andrew Wiggins and I wanted to get some pictures:

IMG_20140922_183224_925 IMG_20140922_183225_665 IMG_20140922_183231_538

When they finished playing catch Dominique saw me and we talked for a bit. He has got to be the coolest bat boy in all of Major League Baseball. When we finished talking he asked if I had snagged a ball yet. When I told him I had snagged a few already, he grabbed this game rubbed ball from the ball bag for me anyways:


Both teams got off to a slow start, but the Twins finally scored a run in the 3rd inning when Chris Herrmann singled to right center field. The Twins couldn’t contain the Diamondbacks as they scored five runs off of five hits in the fifth inning. The Twins scored in the 7th, but the D-backs scored in the 8th. During the bottom of the 8th inning I was able to upgrade my seat:


I’m impressed with how nice that picture turned out. It makes me wish Aaron Hicks was a better player.

Here’s the recap of the game:

Before heading out after the game, I stuck around for about 45 minutes to talk with some people I knew. When I finally  left the Target Field I ran into Kennys Vargas with his wife and child outside! I didn’t want to bother them by asking for an autograph so I just said hello as I was walking by. Kennys engaged in conversation and we chatted for a minute or two, but I still didn’t want to interrupt them so I continued on my way. He’s a nice guy.

Pics or it didn’t happen? They’re the ones with the stroller:


Here’s the final picture (three pictured because I gave one away):



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