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1 Year Anniversary of A Piece of The Game

It doesn’t seem like it, but it has already been 1 whole year since I started this blog. I started A Piece of The Game on June 21st, 2012 and posted my first entry (5-9-12 @ Target Field – Angels vs. Twins) the next day. Looking back on it now, I have no idea why I posted that for my first entry. For whatever reason I neglected to post an entry that I could’ve labeled as “Introduction”, “Welcome to my blog”, “About Me”, “Inaugural Entry” or so many other things. I’m not going to write an entry about it now, but I will explain what (and who) influenced me to start A Piece of The Game. Long story short: I was familiar with ballhawking from Zack Hample’s blog, and was considering to start a blog myself. I had doubts to whether I would enjoy writing, if I would like the commitment, or if anyone would even read my entries, but Mateo Fischer washed my doubts away and encouraged me to try it. If you like this blog then thank Mateo for talking me into starting it. If you don’t like this blog, then blame Mateo, not me… 🙂

I realize this sentence is going to be cliché, but the point of this entry is to review what has happened on A Piece of The Game during my first year blogging.

This is the 40th blog entry that I have posted over the past year. Here are the top 5 on the “most viewed” (1 being the most viewed) list:

5.     8-28-12 @ Target Field – Mariners vs. Twins

4.     2013 Fan Fests of the AL Central Division

3.     Pre: 2013 Twins Winter Caravan

2.     9-14-12 @ Kauffman Stadium – Angels vs. Royals

1.     Opening Day Trivia!

If you’d like to read one of them just scroll back up and click on it (The link is embedded).

Incase you haven’t noticed by now, this blog is mostly about my experiences at the ballpark. However, the second biggest part of this blog is sharing interviews that I have done with ballplayers. I have interviewed 7 players and also the President of the Minnesota Twins.

Luc Rennie – Pitcher in the Baltimore Orioles Organization

Pat Neshek– Former Minnesota Twin, Current Oakland Athletic

Adam Greenberg – Most known for 1-at-bat. MLB and MiLB player.

P.J. Walters – Current Minnesota Twin

Greg Swindell – Former MLB player, All-Star and World Series Champion

Jacque Jones – Former MLB player, current MiLB coach

Chase Stevens – Pitcher in the Arizona Diamondbacks Organization.

Dave St. Peter – President of the Minnesota Twins

I did almost all of those within a 1 month span. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to do any more recently. I will continue with the interviews as free time prevails.

One of the reasons I like WordPress (this blogging website) is because of the stats page.  There are so many different stats that you can look at. For Example, here are some fun/random stats and patterns that I’ve noticed on my own:

  • A Piece of The Game has collected at least 1 hit from 47 different countries.

Hits map

47 countries

The U.S.A. has viewed this blog the most and Armenia the least.

  • A Piece of The Game has collected 2,241 hits because of  refers from search engines. Here are the Top 10 most searched (1 being the most searched) terms that have referred people to this blog:

10.   austin malinowski

9.     target field bullpen

8.     minnesota twins fest 2013

7.     aaron crow girlfriend

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2.     a piece of the game

1.     twins fest 2013

  • A Piece of The Game has collected 2,241 hits because of  refers from search engines. Here are the weirdest search terms that have referred people to this blog:

+how to attend Detroit tigers practice/

Nothing can beat those moments

Tag Blyleven

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“post an entry” + update

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Lucas Luetge girlfriend

Lucas Luetge and wife

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Aaron crow girlfriend

I have had a lot of fun blogging during this past year. I’ve met a lot of great people and gotten to do some really cool things because of blogging. I look forward to another great year ahead! Thank you for reading!