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TwinsFest 2014

If you’ve ever been to TwinsFest in the past, you might remember that the Metrodome was the perfect place for TwinsFest because of how much space was available:


Photo from TwinCitiesDailyPhoto.com

Because Target Field is an open air stadium, the layout of TwinsFest had to change to ensure that it could be held at “home”. Instead of having attractions on the field, they were moved to the Service, Club, and Suite levels:

Photo from Twins.com

Photo from Twins.com

After going to TwinsFest on Jan 24, Mateo Fischer and I made a video series that tours the new layout of TwinsFest 2014. Here’s the video I put together for the tour of the Suite Level:

Here’s the video Mateo put together for the tour of the Service Level:

I went to TwinsFest on Friday, but Mateo went all three days so he might have also toured the Club Level. I’m unsure if he was planning to do it or not.

So what did I actually do at TwinsFest?

Upon entering Target Field with Mateo, his friend, and his friend’s friend (whose names I can not recall), I found a spot at the end of the line for autograph station # 1. Although Byron Buxton, Scott Diamond, Michael Tonkin, Roy Smalley, and Danny Santana were all part of station 1, I was only interested because of Buxton. If you haven’t heard, he is the #1 prospect in Major League Baseball (Twins’ pitchers Alex Meyer & Kohl Stewart, 2B Eddie Rosario, and 3B Miguel Sano have also earned their spot on MLB’s Top 100 Prospects list). I ended up leaving the line at 5:00 because the line was to long for me to get to the front of the line by the time those players were done signing at 5:15.

Shortly afterwards I met up with Tony Voda, and we set out to see what the new version of TwinsFest had to offer. Later we met up with Ben Erickson (we met at TwinsFest last year, and have been keeping in touch since then), who came all the way from North Dakota to attend TwinsFest. He’s a great example of a dedicated Twins fan!

I very casually interviewed Tony and Ben about their experiences at TwinsFest this year. If you’ve never been to TwinsFest before, hopefully this video will offer some insight to what it is like:

Except for the occasional games that get snowed out in April, it’s not often that fans get to see it snow while being at Target Field. I made sure to take a few pictures:


Snowing at Target Field!

Snowing at Target Field! (my slightly messed up panoramic photo)

Ben and I got a picture once Tony got the camera figured out. It was nice seeing you again, Ben!

Ben and I.

Ben and I.

At the Twins Yard Sale I picked up a few mini bats that were used as promotional giveaways during the 2013 season:


Pretty nice for only $3!

I didn’t end up standing in line for any autographs at TwinsFest this year, but as Mateo and I were leaving for the night we passed Miguel Sano in the hallway. Miguel was standing around chatting in Spanish and signing autographs. Luckily Mateo knows Spanish pretty well and was able to get Miguel to sign an autograph for each of us.


Ball signed by Miguel Sano (NO FILTER!).

Major League Baseball ranked Miguel Sano the 4th best prospect of 2014. He and Byron Buxton are a pretty big deal here in Minnesota and they’re bound to be just as big of a deal down in spring training this year. Spring training is just around the corner; pitchers and catchers start reporting on February 13th. Baseball is close!