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My MLB Championship Series Predictions

I know that the National League Championship Series between the Cardinals and Dodgers is kicking off tonight, but I would still like to take this time to share my predictions for the rest of the playoffs. This isn’t an in-depth analysis or anything, I promise i’ll keep it short! Before I share my predictions I want to give credit to PrintYourBrackets.com. I found some nice looking brackets on their website and then switched some team names around to show what my predictions are.

Here is the bracket that I came up with prior to the start of the playoffs:

play off predictions

All my predictions were correct except for the Indians and the Braves. I predicted both teams would win, but they both lost. My bracket wasn’t ruined though, because it is still possible that the Tigers and Cardinals could play each other in the World Series.

When both the ALDS and NLDS wrapped up I made a second bracket for the next round of the playoffs. Here are my picks for the Championship Series:


I feel confident that the Tigers will win the ALCS because the Red Sox have a recent (it goes back a few years) tendency of shutting down in critical games. As for the NLCS, I really want the Dodgers to win it all this year, but my gut feels like the Cardinals will win the Series against them. Hopefully the Dodgers go all the way!

I’ll post one final bracket when the Championship Series(s) conclude. Go Dodgers!

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