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Opening Day: Royals @ Twins – Target Field (04-13-15)

My first Opening Day was back in 2013 when the Tigers and Twins kicked off the season at Target Field. I missed the home opener in 2014, but I decided that I wouldn’t miss it this year! I was very anxious for a chance to get my hands on the first commemorative baseball in the Manfred Era.

I got to the gates 30 minutes before they opened, but I got a spot at the front of the line. Had it not been for Tony and Jared, I would’ve been stuck at the end of one of these huge lines:

Once inside the stadium, Brian Duensing tossed me my first regular season baseball of the year; a 2015 Opening Day ball! Just kidding, but how cool would that have been?! Seriously, though, this is the pearly white that Brian tossed up:

It felt good to get a ball so early in batting practice, but it felt even better when I got my second ball just a few minutes later. This one was courtesy of Aaron Thompson:


Because the Twins weren’t displaying a lot of power during batting practice, I didn’t mind getting a few toss ups instead. It wasn’t long before 1:30 rolled around and the Royals replaced the Twins on the field during batting practice. I was hoping to get my next ball when the Royals finished playing catch in left field. I tried to their attention, but my chances diminished as each pair finished their game of catch. Finally, as the last pair of players finished throwing, an unknown Royals player tossed me this rustic looking baseball:


When the Royals began taking their cuts in the cage I headed out to the left field bleachers. There was such a beautiful array of colors on the field:


I spent about half the Royals bp in the bleachers before heading over to the Twins dugout for the rest of bp. Since I’d already snagged a few baseballs today, I was ready to focus on snagging an Opening Day commemorative baseball. Having said that, this is where I moved to:


This was the one game where I had a chance to get one of these special baseballs. I was going to spend as much time next to the dugout as possible. Sometime between getting to the Twins dugout and the singing of the National Anthem, Tony and I were joined by Cam Bailey! Soon it was time for the singing of the National Anthem:


Following the National Anthem Kevin Garnett (and family), who was joined by Tyus Jones, took the field to throw out the ceremonial first pitch!:


Moments before the game started, Dominique surprised the three of us by tossing us each a ball from the ball bag. It was such a perfect ball:20150413_150652

When the game kicked off, I took a pretty nice panoramic photo. It’s one of my favorites:


Although the Twins were the first to score a run, the Royals were the first to put some distance on the scoreboard between their opponents.  By the end of the sixth inning the Royals were ahead 5-2. Trevor Plouffe homered in the seventh inning, but the Royals managed to pile on seven additional runs by the end of the game. The Royals beat the Twins by a score of 12-3. Click to watch the highlight video from the game. Here’s the summary and other info from the game:

game info

After the game I got my fifth ball from Umpire Paul Nauert:


Not only was this the first time I’d gotten a ball from someone who’s first name was also my first name, but this was another 2015 Opening Day commemorative ball. This was my second mud rubbed commemorative ball of the night! I made it to the opposite side of the dugout just in time to get one final ball. This one was thrown by Lorenzo Cain as he entered the clubhouse:


I made sure to take an artsy photo of the commemoratives after I left the ballpark:


The final group shot includes the awesome sweatshirt giveaway from the game:


TOTALS: 6 balls at this game. 6 balls this year.

UP NEXT: A’s vs. Twins 05/04/15


Opening Day is Here!

After nearly 6 months without baseball, Opening Day is finally here! Opening Day is a very special day because it is the first day of the season. It gives players and teams another chance to prove themselves in Major League Baseball. Fans are always anxious to get out to the ballpark and attend Opening Day. The Organizations of Major League baseball do their best to entertain fans on Opening Day with a wide variety of Festivities.

Common Opening Day Festivities

Celebrity Appearances:

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell

Holly Madison

Holly Madison

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

Miss America Laura Kaeppeler

Miss America Laura Kaeppeler

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

The performance of The National Anthem:

Minister Wayne Furbert

Minister Wayne Furbert

Miss America Laura Kaeppeler

Miss America Laura Kaeppeler

Frank Grecyzna

Frank Grecyzna



The extension of the American Flag across the outfield:

Flagflag  flag

The Raising of the United States Flag by War Veterans:

United States Flag

United States Flag

Soldiers raising the United States Flag

Soldiers raising the United States Flag

First lieutenants Bertrum and Bernard Bidne

First lieutenants Bertrum and Bernard Bidne

Michael J. Hafner

Michael J. Hafner

Lance Corporal Clayton Carr

Lance Corporal Clayton Carr

The Pregame Flyover:

flyover flyover flyover  Flyover

The Ceremonial First Pitch:

This year I will be attending my first Opening Day game, and I am extremely excited! The Twins are hosting the Detroit Tigers at Target Field on April 1st. The weather will be very cold (mid 30’s) but I know that I will still enjoy it very much. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing all of the Opening Day Festivities that the Minnesota Twins Organization has prepared for their fans. I know that the Twins will put on a great show!

Have a great season!

Opening Day Trivia!

Because Opening Day is less than a week away, I thought it would be fun to host a trivia contest in honor of the special occasion! This trivia contest will take place from March 28th – April 1st. I have many prizes for the winners!

Opening Day Trivia


  • From March 28th – 30th I will be posting 4 trivia questions per day, that will NOT be multiple choice.
    • I will post 2 questions at 4 PM CT, and an additional 2 questions at 9 PM CT.
  • On March 31st, I will be posting 6 questions.
    • Because it is Easter Sunday, I will be having family at my house. I will wait until evening to post the questions. I will post 3 questions at 9 PM CT and an additional 3 questions at 10 PM CT.
  • On April 1st, I will be posting 7 questions.
    • This is Opening Day! I will be leaving my house at 7:30 AM CT to go to Minneapolis. Because of this I will post 3 questions at 7:30 AM CT and an additional 4 questions at 10 PM CT.
  • EVERY question will be posted on THIS entry.
  • Each question will be related to MLB’s Opening Day(s).
  • Each question is worth 1 point.
  • Whoever is the first to correctly answer a question gets 1 point.

Answering Questions:

  • You MUST answer in the comments of this entry. I will not accept answers via Twitter, Facebook, etc…
  • Each day, each person will have 10 (ten) TOTAL guesses.
  • If you use 2 guesses for the 1st question, you have 8 left for the rest of the questions, etc…
  • If you guess more than 10 times, it will be deleted and will not be counted.
  • DO NOT make extra or fake accounts to play trivia. You will be immediately disqualified from the trivia/contest.
  • When you answer a question, make sure you include what # question you are answering. Example: if the answer to question number 1 is Prince Fielder, then you need to answer like this –> 1. Prince Fielder
  • To be acknowledged for participating in this trivia contest you must be following this blog.

Other Notes:

  • I threw this contest together last-minute, so for the most part I formatted this entry like Nick Badders did with his February and March Giveaway entries.  I thought it would only be fair if I gave him credit, so thank you Nick! By the way, you can read his blog by clicking his name…
  • I will announce the winners at the end of each day by updating the standings in THIS entry.
  • There will be a total of 25 questions and 25 points from the questions..
  • You can earn 1 bonus point for Retweeting this tweet:

twitter bonus point

  • The Tweet is just a screenshot, so to RT it you actually have to go to Twitter.com
  • You can earn 1 additional bonus point for sharing this Facebook post:

Facebook bonus point

    • Once again, this Facebook post is just a screenshot, so to share it you actually have to go to Facebook.com


  • Minnesota Twins hat – Genuine Major League Merchandise

Twins hat

  • 2 packs of 2013 Topps baseball cards

Topps cards

  • 2 packs of 2013 Topps baseball cards (This is not a mistake – I wanted there to be 2 separate prizes for baseball cards)

Topps cards

  • Bill Schroeder autographed Baseball Card (Milwaukee Brewers) 1985 Topps 176



  • There will be 3 winners
  • Each winner will get their choice at 1 (one) of the prizes.
    • Just a reminder –> Twins Hat = 1 prize /// 2 packs of cards = 1 prize /// 2 packs of cards = 1 prize /// Bill Schroeder card = 1 prize
  • 1st place winner gets to pick a prize FIRST.
  • 2nd place winner gets to pick a prize SECOND.
  • 3rd place winner gets to pick a prize THIRD.



1. Harrison Tishler – 15 points (RT, 5, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 25)

2. Quinn Imiola – 6 points (RT, 1, 3, 4, 15, 17)

2. Kameron S – 6 points (RT, FB share, 10, 11, 15, 24)

4. Brendan W – 4 points (RT, FB share, 7, 21)

5. Max – 2 points (RT, FB share)

5. Joe Webster – 2 points (RT, 2)

5. Jared Serre – 2 points (RT, FB share)

8. Nick Badders – 1 point (RT)

8. Gabe Nisker – 1 point (RT)


Trivia Questions!

1. Who threw the only no-hitter in Opening Day history, who was it thrown against, and what was the date?

ANSWER: Bob Feller, Chicago White Sox, April 16, 1940 (Answered by Quinn Imiola)

2. Who has started the most Opening Day games in history, and what teams did he throw them for?

ANSWER: Tom Seaver, Mets, Reds, and the White Sox. (Answered by Joe Webster)

3. Who made their MLB Debut on for the Yankees on Opening Day of 1950?

ANSWER: Billy Martin (Answered by Quinn Imiola)

4. Of the NEWEST 5 Major League ballparks, which is the only one that didn’t have its Inaugural Game on Opening Day/Night of its Inaugural Season?

ANSWER: Target Field (Answered by Quinn Imiola)

5. Which Minnesota Twin was the starting catcher on Opening Day for the last 3 years?

ANSWER: Joe Mauer (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

6. In 2008 who was *supposed* to make an Opening Day start on his birthday until the game was called off because of rain?

ANSWER: Chien- Ming Wang (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

7. When is Opening Night 2013, which teams are playing, and in what city?

ANSWER: March 31, Rangers vs. Astros, Houston (Answered by Brendan W.)

8. When the Rockies lost on Opening Day of 2002, they started off the season on the wrong note. What was their record after the first two weeks of the season had passed?

ANSWER: 4-9… [4 wins, 9 losses] … (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

9.  Over the last 5 years the Blue Jays have a record of 3-2 on Opening Day. How many runs did they score in those 5 games?

ANSWER: 38 Runs (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

10. On Opening Day 2004 there was 1 player in Major League Baseball who was from Aruba. Who was he and what team was he a part of?

ANSWER: Sidney Ponson, Orioles (Answered by Kameron S)

11. How many Opening Day/Night games have been played in this stadium?

Photo from en.wikipedia.org

Nationals Park

ANSWER: 3 Opening Day/Night games (Answered by Kameron S)

12. What is Corey Koskie’s batting average from the Opening Day/Night games from 2001-2006?

ANSWER: 0.071 AVG (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

13. Which 2 teams are scheduled to play at 10:10 PM ET on Opening Day 2013?

ANSWER: Cardinals and Diamondbacks (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

14. Stephen Strasburg is the Nationals’ probable pitcher for Opening Day 2013. This will be his first game since ______ (insert date: Day/Month/Year)?

ANSWER: 9/7/12 (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

15. Justin Verlander is the Tigers’ probable pitcher for Opening Day 2013. This will be his ______ (insert number) consecutive start on Opening Day/Night.

ANSWER: 6th (Answered by Quinn Imiola & Kameron S)

16. As of 3/31/13, how many Home Openers have been played at this stadium?

Orioles Park at Camden Yards

Orioles Park at Camden Yards

ANSWER: 21 Home Openers (Answered by Quinn Imiola)

17. What is Matt Kemp’s avg. slugging percentage from the Opening Day/Night games from 2008-2012?

ANSWER: 0.836% (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

18. How many home runs has Carlos Santana hit on Opening Day/Night throughout his career?

ANSWER: 1 Home run (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

19. Throughout his career, how many RBI has Jayson Werth collecting on Opening Day/Night?

ANSWER: 2 RBI (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

20. Coming into Opening Day 2013 the Yankees had a ____ (insert #) game winning streak on Opening Day/Night.

ANSWER: 0 game win streak (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

21. As of 3-31-13, how many Opening Day/Night games have been played at this stadium?

Great American Ballpark

Great American Ballpark

ANSWER: 10 games (Answered by Brendan W.)

22. Which pitcher started Opening Day 1996 for the Minnesota Twins?

ANSWER: Brad Radke (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

23. Who was the only team to get shutout on Opening Day 2009?

ANSWER: Oakland Athletics (Answered by Harrison Tishler)

24. Who did the Cubs play against on Opening Day 2001 and what was the final score?

ANSWER: Montreal Expos beat the Chicago Cubs 5-4 (Answered by Kameron S)

25. The Rockies won their first game at Coors Field on Opening Day 1995 (April 26th). When did they lose their first game at Coors Field and who did they lose to?

ANSWER: May 5, 1995 VS. Los Angeles Dodgers (Answered by Harrison Tishler)


Things to remember when answering a question:

Remember to answer the questions in the comments of this entry. Make sure you spell the answer correctly. I will reveal the correct answers and update the standings at the end of each day.