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Rangers vs. Twins @ Target Field (05-28-14)

This was one of the games on my season ticket plan, but I sold my ticket on Stubhub because I wasn’t very interested in going to this game. So why did I go? Some family friends gave my dad and I four free tickets to the game! Those seats were way better than the ticket I originally had!

As a Twins Season Ticket holder, I gained early access to watch batting practice. Although there wasn’t any action during the Twins portion of bp, it didn’t take long to get on the board while the Rangers took the field. Ball #1 was courtesy of an unknown Ranger:


When the rest of the stadium opened up at 5:30 I hurried over to the left field corner in foul territory to retrieve a ball that had earlier landed in the seats. After 2 years of waiting, I finally found my first Target Field “Easter Egg”:


This wasn’t just any old ball though, this was also my 100th baseball at Target Field!

I decided to head out to the right field plaza for the first group of lefties, and my move paid off. It was there where I snagged ball #3 – a homer off the bat of an unknown Rangers player:


I was also in the plaza when I caught my 4th ball of the day – another homer that I caught off the bat of an unknown Rangers player:


See the two guys to the right of my glove in the previous picture? Those are Target Field regulars who come to ballhawk. I’m glad i’m kind of tall because I had to reach higher than both of them to catch that last homer. When I caught the ball I avoided dropping my ego by  nearly falling down the steps in the process.

Batting practice wrapped up a bit quickly, so I made my way over to grab a bleacher seat next to the bullpens. When I got arrived there were plenty of baseballs scattered in each bullpen:


The Twins bullpen catcher, Nate Dammann, hooked me up with one of them when he brought his equipment to the bullpen. I didn’t photograph this ball at the game, but it’ll be in the group photo at the end!

As I continued sitting there, the usher walked down the steps and turned her attention on me. John is the normal usher of section 131, and since John wasn’t working this game I was convinced she was going to make me leave the section. To my surprise she struck up a conversation, and eventually gave me a baseball that she had been holding in her jacket pocket! She said she just wanted to thank me for being such a nice friendly fan. What a pleasant surprise!

When the game started I didn’t waste any time getting to my seat. The view from our seats was great:


Minnesota’s starting pitcher, Kyle Gibson, gave up six hits and struck out four in six scoreless innings, but the Twins still lost 1-0. Here is the box score and other info from the game:

box score game info

Total Snagged:



It’s All About Number 5

Lately I’ve been thinking about the future of ‘A Piece of The Game’. For the last few months I’ve considered calling it quits with the whole blog thing because writing was becoming dull. It was difficult because for the first time in a long time I didn’t know what I wanted to do next with ‘A Piece of The Game’. I kept considering my options, and then I realized I was back at square one. After some more contemplating I decided to share 5 blog related things that you probably don’t know about me. This might seem random to you, but you’ll eventually see where I’m going with it.

5 blog related things you probably don’t know about me

1. Before I publish an entry on WordPress I always scribble it down in longhand first because it helps me organize my thoughts.

2. The reason I started writing ‘A Piece of The Game’ was because I knew that if I didn’t write about my experiences some day those memories would be lost.

3. Narrative writing is my favorite style of writing.

4. I enjoy writing during the offseason more than during the baseball season.

5. I’m moving onto new adventures. I want to continue exploring my interests.

Let me explain number 5 by telling you a little story. You know when you see a great movie how sometimes you remember the details for days, weeks, or maybe even a month afterwards? Just a couple of days ago I read a blog entry that a friend of mine had written. Her words in that particular entry have stuck with me since then, and I have really taken them to heart. She explained how blogging had been a wonderful experience for her but much like friends and dreams change, so did she.

Earlier I mentioned how writing in longhand helps me organize my thoughts. Blogging is like that, but on a bigger scale. Writing and maintaining this blog has helped me explore my interests. While taking pictures at ballgames I recognized I have a growing love for photography. Through blogging I have developed a greater appreciation and a deeper understanding towards Major League Baseball. I imagine trying new things and traveling to new cities. There are other pieces out there, and I want to experience them. Blogging has been a great network for me to use to explore some of those pieces, but it no longer fits in my baseball puzzle (see what I did there?).

I will have plenty of new adventures in 2014, and they will all contribute to the exploration of my interests.  I will get to develop my photography skills as I’m traveling to a few new places this summer. My parents are sending me to Florida for Spring Training this March (Thank you for the wonderful Birthday/Christmas gift!), I’m taking a road trip to Tennessee in June, and hopefully I will even get to take a trip to Wrigley Field for its 100th season. All of these would bode well for my growing love for photography. Recently I became a Minnesota Twins Season Ticket Holder and I am well on my way to securing a ticket for the All Star Game and its events.

What does this mean for ‘A Piece of The Game’ ? Like I said before, blogging doesn’t seem to fit anymore. However, this is not a break up post (shout out to Rachel for that great line). I have grown to like writing enough to know better than to quit. I want to make blogging more enjoyable in 2014.

How am I going to make blogging more enjoyable in 2014?

1. I’m not going to blog about every ballgame that I attend. During 2013 this felt like more of an obligation than anything else. I have grown uninterested because when I write about the games I attend it feels like I’m always writing the same story as last time, but changing the characters’ names. Do you get what I’m trying to say?

2. I’m only going write about the games that I’ve had an above average experience at because I want them to be of quality.

3. Integrate my new adventures and interests into this blog. The title ‘A Piece of The Game’ won’t allude to ballhawking anymore, it will bring a NEW focus. There are other pieces out there besides ballhawking, and I want to make ‘A Piece of The Game’ a place to explore them.

When I started this blog I named it the way I did because (1) it would be mainly about my experiences ballhawking and (2) because when it comes to baseball, blogging is literally only one of the many pieces of the game. Honestly, I’ve gotten bored because up to this point ballhawking has been the focus of this blog.

4. I’m not going to blog as often. WordPress and I aren’t breaking up, but we are slowly growing apart. I’m slowing withdrawing from blogging. When I write an entry I want to enjoy it instead of just writing it because I went to a baseball game. Basically, I want to make my blog entries worth sharing.

Where will this blog be a year from now? Who knows. Is it possible that I will have stopped blogging altogether? Yeah, It’s possible. It is likely? I don’t know. We will see!